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About Mount Kelly

Our History

We have a long history of proven skills and know how which spans over a century. We provide our students with useful knowledge and information they need to become great men and women of tomorrow. This is a story of how it all started:



Mount Kelly can trace its roots back to late 1860s following a bequest from Admiral Benedictus Marwood Kelly, to found a school for the 'sons of naval officers and other gentlemen'. Admiral Kelly was a very successful 19th Century Admiral and played a significant role in the elimination of the slave trade.

The School opened

In recognition of Admiral Kelly’s generosity, William, 8th Duke of Bedford gifted land from his Tavistock estates for its construction. The School opened in October 1877 under the Headmastership of Robert West Taylor, late fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, who previously taught at Rugby School, with twelve boys on the school roll.

Education Bureau Provisional Registration Certificate

We received from the Education Bureau Provisional Registration Certificate for the International Preschool on 1st September 2017 and subsequently a full licence on 18 July 2018. For the Preparatory School the Provisional Registration Certificate was obtained on 15th January 2018 and application for a full licence is underway.

Mount Kelly School Hong Kong opens

Our schools are located in convenient central sites in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Expansion of operations

With over 11200 students all across the world, we became the Top Preparatory school for many internationals in Europe & Asian Country.

Medini Johore, Malaysia

In 2020, we ventured into Malaysia to expand our schools with the first school open in Medini Johore, Malaysia.

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