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I am very proud and honoured to have been the Founding Head Master of Mount Kelly School Hong Kong and now also the Founding Head of our new school in Malaysia.

I have seen the vision of opening the best new British sister schools overseas in the world for Mount Kelly become a reality. There will be other Mount Kelly international schools opening in Asia in the future, to create a true family of schools. Mount Kelly International Schools help pupils to join one of the very best traditional British independent boarding schools, with over 140 years of history.

Our vision is for Mount Kelly schools to globally replicate Mount Kelly UK's extraordinary educational success, its track record of innovation, and in establishing Mount Kelly’s unique warm and supportive atmosphere. The Mount Kelly international family of schools has grown in Asia with our pupils making achievements that place them alongside the world’s best.

Mount Kelly’s vision is well-known globally, as a school with high expectations, high academic standards and high achievements. Like the sister school in Devon, our international schools in Hong Kong and Malaysia offer a quintessentially classic British education.

The growth and development of new Mount Kelly schools is surely a sign of our success, but what matters is how we use it. Being part of a school family of Mount Kelly Schools allows us to work together, leveraging talent and resources to put on events, forge internal and external relationships and share experiences. This exposes our pupils and staff to a rich and varied choice of experiences that individual schools could not offer on their own.

The development of our school network strengthens community bonds. Pupils from different Mount Kelly International schools may get to know each other one year through a group event, and find themselves classmates the next when one of them has moved from, Mount Kelly Hong Kong to Mount Kelly Malaysia or to the UK. Pupils facing the challenges of an international move will make a much smoother transition when their new school is so familiar. Many of our teachers can transfer within the family of schools as well, we are able to keep the benefits of their knowledge and experience within the group.

Our group of International Schools produce confident, articulate, outgoing pupils with excellent academic, sporting and musical achievements which will make them ready for the ever changing 21st Century society in which we live.

Mr. Gary Wright BA (Hons), M.A., PGCE, NPQH
Founding Headmaster

Mr Wright is a graduate of Warwick and of Oxford Brookes University, as well as King’s College London, from where he holds an MA in Education Management. He was awarded the National Professional Qualification for Headship from the National College of School Leadership. He is also an experienced serving inspector with the Independent Schools Inspectorate ("ISI").

Mr Wright has 20 years’ experience in the independent and international education sectors.

Previously, he was the Founding Head Master of Mount Kelly School Hong Kong. He has also been the Head Master of two independent boarding schools and Deputy Head Master of two independent schools in the UK.

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